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FEATURES and articles


This image, from my ongoing series Recollection and the story behind it are featured on The Story Behind The Photograph on The Photographers' Gallery website.

The Guardian

An article including and reviewing my publicity still for an Edinburgh Fringe show - Edinburgh festival 2015: the art of the comedy fringe poster.

Edge of Humanity Magazine

An article with images about my series Dorothy and the ideas behind it - Elderly and Living Alone.

Life Framer - Humans Of The World

Work from my series Show and Tell showcased on Life Framer Journal.

The Huffington Post - You Must Love Working Here

An article by Andrew Learmonth about my mini series You Must Love Working Here featuring people who work behind the bar and at the box office in comedy clubs.

BBC Comedy Cafe - You Must Love Working Here

A segment by Andrew Learmonth about the making of You Must Love Working Here, originally broadcast on the BBC Comedy Cafe.


Time Out - Why Is British Comedy So Sexist?

The piece that was the catalyst for Females Of The Fringe. I took a group photograph of 81 female comedians to accompany this article by Tim Arthur, four years before returning to photograph and interview the comedians individually.

professional photo

My bi-monthly newsletter was featured in Professional Photo magazine issue 130.



Selected images from Females Of The Fringe were featured on the BBC website.

Funny Women Magazine - Fund Females Of The Fringe

An article I wrote for the magazine section of Funny Women whilst raising funds through crowd-funding to make my series Females Of The Fringe into a book.

Interact Magazine - Show and Tell

Images and text from my series Show and Tell featured in European magazine Interact.


Close Up: Women In Photo

An interview with Kate O'Neill and Alice Widger about Females Of The Fringe for the event 'Close Up: Women In Photo' hosted by Metro Imaging in association with IdeasTap. This event led to the founding of The Old Girls' Club, an organisation supporting women in photography, of which I am now also part of the team.

Broadway Baby

The Jessica McDermott Extended Interview with Martin Walker about Females Of The Fringe for Broadway Baby.


Interview with Amanda Aitken about Females Of The Fringe for the TYCI blog.