b. 1986, HK.


I’m a London-based photographic artist exploring history and memory through (self-)portraiture and time-travel.

I’m particularly interested in uncovering problematic areas of history and bringing lost stories and legacies to the fore. My quests to the forgotten often require jumping down rabbit holes and finding puzzles to piece together.

I also love engaging others in stories big and small, and making art, particularly photography, accessible to all. I recently finished working on a massive schools project as a Photographer for the Tate Year 3 Project - a new art work by Turner Prize and Oscar winning artist Steve McQueen which opens at Tate Britain in November 2019. I also wrote, recorded and produced a six-part podcast series Scenario. The series follows six photographers making work that ranges from landscape photography by Clare Hewitt for her penfriend on death row to Jennifer Balcombe’s portraits documenting her brother Dev’s gender transition. Digital Camera World put Scenario at the top of their list of 20 Best Podcasts For Photographers in 2019:

“Two things make this podcast stand out. The first is the professionalism of its production, which is equivalent to a show on say, America's NPR or the UK's Radio 4. And the second is the fascinating and inspired choice of projects.”

My CV is available on request.