Suzanne and The Statuette Of Ganesh

My Ganesh, he's my pride and joy. After many holidays to India and after many expeditions trying to find a Ganesh, I finally came upon him after getting on a ferry, getting on a motorbike and going up a very stony path. And there he was in this really funny little, well it was almost like a little Indian bric-a-brac shop. And I saw him and I fell in love with him and it was just a great joy. The funny thing was getting him back after scrambling down this stony footpath and getting back onto a motorbike with my friend John, who was the driver and me and Ganesh were the passengers. It was a round about 5pm at night, so the light was slowly going down and it was quite busy on the roads. The only way I could have him in the rucksack was to have him facing the traffic, so after many cars hooting, many people laughing, many people kind of like saluting him we had to make our way back down to the ferry, about five miles by bike. The ferry crossing takes about half an hour and I had so many people who came up to me and complemented him. Then I had to bring him back through customs. The Indian customs people found it absolutely hilarious. But yes I got him back. I've had him now, probably for about ten years, something like that. He's like my baby. I think he goes quite well in this flat because I've got a lot of Indian-style furniture and furnishings in here.

I've always been into the Indian sort of spiritual side and he's a God for happiness, peace and love. And everywhere else I looked, I've been in England, I've been all over India and he just sprung out at me. That's the story behind my prize possession really. And I hope he stays with me for a long, long time.

Suzanne Ling is a receptionist and office services assistant.