An interview about Females Of The Fringe for the event 'Close Up: Women In Photo' hosted by Metro Imaging in association with IdeasTap. This event led to the founding of The Old Girls' Club, an organisation supporting women in photography.


Broadway Baby - The Jessica McDermott Extended Interview
Interview about Females Of The Fringe with Martin Walker, for Broadway Baby.

TYCI - Females Of The Fringe
Interview with Amanda Aitken, for the TYCI blog.


FEATURES and articles


The Photographers' Gallery - The Story Behind The Photograph
The story behind the first image in my ongoing series Recollection, telling the life stories of people with dementia in a single image.

The Guardian - Edinburgh festival 2015: the art of the comedy fringe poster
Article including and reviewing my publicity still for an Edinburgh Fringe show.

BBC News - Females Of The Fringe
Selected images from the series, featured on the BBC website.

Funny Women Magazine - Fund Females Of The Fringe
An article I wrote for the magazine section of Funny Women whilst raising funds through crowd-funding to make Females Of The Fringe into a book.

Time Out - Why Is British Comedy So Sexist?
The piece that was the catalyst for Females Of The Fringe. I took a group photograph of 81 female comedians to accompanying this article, four years before returning to photograph and interview the comedians individually.

Interact - Show and Tell
Work-in-progress images and text from my series Show and Tell.

The Huffington Post - You Must Love Working Here
An article by Andrew Learmonth about my short series You Must Love Working Here featuring people who work in comedy clubs.

BBC Comedy Cafe - You Must Love Working Here
A link to a clip, taken from a radio piece, about the making of the series You Must Love Working Here, originally broadcast on the BBC Comedy Cafe.