Originally made as Brexit Butterfly in response to the EU referendum, its now even more fitting.

An homage to Ray Bradbury's A Sound Of Thunder, recasting myself as the the lead character Eckels, who goes back to prehistoric times and by erroneously stepping on a butterfly, changes the course of history. When he set off a new liberal American President had just been announced, defeating a candidate described as an anti-human, anti-intellectual who would have brought about the worst kind of dictatorship.

“Unbelievable.” Eckels breathed,[…] “A real time machine[…] Makes you think. If the election had gone badly yesterday, I might be here now running away from the results.”

On his return, the political situation has completely changed. He can't believe it could be due to him. But as he surveys the sole of his shoe, there lies a crushed butterfly. He cries out: “No, it can’t be. Not a little thing like that. No! […] can’t we take it back, can’t we make it alive again? Can’t we start over?…”