Was the beehive modelled on a fez? / by J McDermott


In 1960, Margaret Vinci Heldt, a former winner of the National Coiffure Championship, was asked by Modern Beauty Shop magazine (now Modern Salon) to design a new hairstyle that would reflect the coming decade.

She took inspiration from a little black velvet, fez-like hat that she loved. Like a trick befitting Tommy Cooper, she recalled that she had often looked at the at it and said "Someday, I’m going to create a hairstyle that would fit under the hat, and when you take the hat off, the hairstyle would be there."

To finish off her original design she added a bee-shaped pin and said that it was the reporter for the magazine who, seeing the complete ensemble, ended up naming it, exclaiming “Margaret, it looks just like a beehive! Do you mind if we call it the beehive?”