Agatha and The Missing Ring

When I was little, six years old, my grandmother gave me this exact ring. She had two of them, so she gave me one of them, as a present. I didn't have any knowledge about what objects are worth - this ring had a brilliant on it, which is a diamond that is cut in a certain way, and I would take it to my primary school. And then one day, we had play, so we had to take off all our jewellery and obviously change and I just left it on my clothes in the changing room. When I came back the ring was gone. And I was really sad and I told my mum, and my mum went crazy because that ring was worth quite some money and it was in our for family, for like, quite a long time. And yeah, I still remember that. And I always remembered this ring.

And so, when I went to visit my family a couple of months ago, my grandpa got the same ring out and said I want you to have this, and I was like, 'Oh my God, this is the ring that when I was a little child I lost and I keep on thinking about it.' So that was quite a cathartic moment for me to receive this ring again. My grandma passed away when I moved to London, so, I don't know, it was just very emotional. And since then, I'm just wearing it everyday. Unless, I know I'm going somewhere where I might lose it, so I leave it at home, safe. But that's my only thing that I always have on me.

Agatha Cohèn trained as an actor and a theatre director, and has worked on multiple theatre pieces. Recently, she has begun working on a video art installation.